Tempest Ōkaminoto / テンペスト 狼のと

Tempest Ōkaminoto is a virtual vocallist for the singing synthesis tools UTAU and DeepVocal. Using multiple voice libraries, he can sing in multiple languages, including English and Japanese.

Tempest Ōkaminoto is voiced, developed, designed and maintained by HitCoder, whom reserves all rights to the character and all associated products.

Tempest Ōkaminoto has two variations coming soon. SOLUS (/sɒ.ləs/) and GRAPHITE. SOLUS is available for the UTAU singing synthesis software, and GRAPHITE is available for the DeepVocal software and engine.

The SOLUS series is planned to feature a wide range of languages. The primary focus is on Japanese and English, though there are plans for Chinese, Latin, Tagalog and the fictional language Thu'um from the Elder Scrolls game series.

On the other hand, GRAPHITE is planned only to utilise the Japanese and Chinese languages, though if the opportunity to branch out arises, then it may well be taken.

All of these products are currently heavy works in progress, and are subject to change without notice.

The products represented on this website as of current are discontinued, though are publicly available for any usage required, so long as users follow the terms of use.

The art presented on the right is by Hez-kun.